1.How does the paymentwall works?How can I contact the paymentwall after paid?

If you want to know more about paymentwall please visit www.paymentwall.com.

If you pay through paymentwall please

check your payment here.

2.What shall I do after placing and order?

Please contact our live chat on site immediately after your payment was done, it will accelerate the procedure of your order. The operator will check your order status and arrange your delivery. You can stay there till you get the items.

3.Why does my order require confirmation?

Sometimes we need to confirm the information details such as server, character name, it not only makes the transaction fast, easy and safe, but gives us a chance to answer your questions through voice and it also can strengthen our relationship.

4.Why couldn't I use my coupon code?

I am sorry that you used the Google promotion link, which had already cut the price down, that is the reason why you couldn't use the code successfully. Next time if you want to use that code, you need to delete your PC cookies, and then open our site directly, not from Google promotion link, you will find you can use it to buy our rs gold then.

5.Can you ensure the safety of my account?

The safety of your account is the chief concern for us. We will not use any cheat and exploit during the leveling. During the leveling, we will not let your account make following activities, such as Player-Kill, Steal, Verbal violence or any other unethical in-game activities. We have very strict internal policy to ensure that all information concerning your account will be confidential. We will never ask any vital information such as password question or password hint that will threat your account safety. Furthermore, your peRSonal and character's information will be absolutely confidential. During the power-level process, our playeRS will not talk to anyone in the game without your request.

6.How can I get my refund?

You can contact us through our live help system, and give us your order ID. Do not contact us through E-mail on refund requires for security reasons. Our Live Chat is 7/24 open online.

7.I do not think online purchase is safe. How can I trust you?

You can trust us completely. As the largest RS Gold seller, we have the most secure network and a set of strict policies. We dedicate to conduct every order under solid guarantee. In addition, you can use PayPal, Google Checkout or MoneybookeRS to pay. You can claim to PayPal and get all your money back if we failed in your delivery!

8. Why my payment status is pending?

Once you paid it , you might see e-check way or your money need days to PAYPAL so that is why the status is pending. We will deliver it to you once cleared and it usually takes 3 to 5 work days. Because PAYPAL is protecting your account now, we have not received your money yet. If you want it to be quick for both of us, we can cancel this order and you can place another order and pay for it. We will help you better later. Thanks for your cooperation.

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